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Current News

The SWCD Radio Show has changed stations. Please look at the SWCD Radio Show tab for the details. Thank you.
Rain Barrel Sale...

Click on the link below to see the order form for our rain barrel sale. The deadline to send it in is June 30, 2017. We would like to get a minimum order of 15 barrels to place the order. Any questions, please let us know by calling 815-772-2124 ext. 3. Thank you.

2017 Rain Barrel Order Form

Cost Share....                                                   5/23/2017

Whiteside Co. Landowner,

After several years without any state cost share funds, the SWCD finally received an allocation. At this time we are taking applications for w/ways, structures, well sealing, cover crops, and nutrient management plans. Some of these practices are cost shared at a 50% rate up to a certain amount while others are paid on a per acre basis.

If you are interested in any of these practices, please stop by the office so we can get a location and discuss the particulars of the practice with you. We would like to get the fields looked at before the corn gets too tall so the construction or application of cover crop can begin shortly after harvest.

For more information please stop by the office or phone 815 772 2124 ex. 3. If you have stopped earlier and no one has been out yet, please call again as we have been extremely busy with other program deadlines.

Thanks for your time,

Dave Harrison, RC - Whiteside Co SWCD -16255 Liberty St - Morrison, IL 61270

Whiteside County SWCD is an equal opportunity provider and employer.


Great News from the SWCD Education Foundation....

We have discovered a new way for you to donate to the SWCD Education Foundation - by shopping Amazon. 

1. If you shop Amazon, the only simple change is you have to logon to smile.amazon.com. The login will be the same as if you were logging on to amazon.com. 

2. Once you login to smile.amazon.com, you may select the charitable organization. You can make it easier to find ours by doing a search of Whiteside County and 

    selecting it from the list of organizations. 

3. Once you have your charitable organization chosen, shop as you normally would, if the item is eligible it will indicate "Eligible for AmazonSmile donation" under 

    the item. 

4. After you make your purchase and log out, amazon will donate 0.5% of your purchase to our organization. 

Please click this link to get started, https://smile.amazon.com/ch/36-4371645.

Thank you and happy shopping.....

Tree and Fish....

The tree and fish sales were again a huge success. Thank you to every one that participated in any way. We could not do it with out help from all of you. We truly appreciate everything you do for us and we are happy to help all of you with your conservation needs. Thanks again.


Seed Picking....

We are in search of prairie seed pickers for this fall, starting around August - depending on the weather. This is something that is done at your own peril, there are outdoor dangers such as insects, weeds, etc. You will be paid for work according to how many buckets and/or pounds you pick of certain species. It is not an hourly wage, you are subcontracted through us, not an actual SWCD employee. The good part is, you get to work at your own pace through out the harvest season. Anyone 16-18 years of age that are interested, will need to be accompanied by an adult. Call the office and we will put your name on a list and speak to you in more detail. 815-772-2124 ext 3
Thank you.

Plant sale...
The plant sale was another success this year as well. Thanks again for your support of conservation.


Wood Duck Houses:

Functional rustic wood duck houses, $55 each for the front opening boxes or $60 each for the side opening boxes. You will need to supply the pole, clamps and wood shavings. Put no more than 3" of wood shavings on the bottom. The rougher the wood, the more use it will get. Let us know if you are interested in purchasing one by calling 815-772-2124 ext 3. Thank you.





We have uncleaned black oil sunflower seed for sale. No guarantees on weed content or purity of the seed but should be suitable for bird feed. There will be approximately 20 pounds for the cost of $5.00. We have bags available but you may also bring containers if you would like instead of bags. Let us know if you would like any by calling 815-772-2124 ext 3 and make up pick up arrangements.
 Thank you.

Natural Area Guardians

If you are interested in preserving the lands natural beauty and would like to volunteer to help the with the native areas, please see the info listed in the Natural Area Guardian section of the website. To become a NAG member or if you have any questions, comments or concerns, they can be directed to our office at 815-772-2124 ext 3. 


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