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2019 Pheasants Forever Illinois Seed Program

Partnering with the Illinois Pheasants Forever, we are a habitat seed dealer. We offer food plot, prairie grass, cool season, fire break and pollinator seed mixes. We are here to help you decide what mixes will work for you and your habitats. Click the link below to see what mixes are available. If you have any questions, call the office at 815-772-2124 ext. 3.

2019 Pheasants Forever Seed Brochure



We still have plenty of uncleaned black oil sunflower seed for sale. No guarantees on weed content or purity of the seed but should be suitable for bird feed. There will be approximately 20 pounds for the cost of $5.00. We have bags available but you may also bring containers if you would like instead of bags. Let us know if you would like any by calling 815-772-2124 ext 3 or email  whitesidecountyswcd@hotmail.com.
 Thank you.


Fruit Trees

 Thank you to everyone for ordering this year.
 When ordering these trees, they are to be used for conservation purposes only, they should not be planted on CRP acres. Call us at 815-772-2124 ext 3 or email - whitesidecountyswcd@hotmail.com, with any questions. Thank you!!

2019 Fall Fish & Tree Sales:

The 2019 fall tree and fish order forms are available. Please click the links below to see the forms. 


Thank you to all the people that have participated in the past, and to those that will participate in the future!! Thank you to the volunteers that helped unload this year, the help is greatly appreciated. For any other information about the tree or fish sales call our office at 815-772-2124 ext 3. Thank You!! 


Rain Barrels - $70.00 

Our rain barrels are 55 gallon plastic barrels that are 100% recycled.  The barrels have a perforated, screen mesh top to stop contaminates from entering.  They also have top overflows and bottom drains along with a plastic spigot that can thread a hose.  We have grey, blue and terra cotta rain barrels available.  Click here to learn the benefits of a rain barrel.

Please call the District office for information regarding state
cost-share programs, 
educational programs, & equipment rental.

 *Marking Flags   *Tree Shelters  *Tree ID Books  *Finder Books  *Filter  Fabric   *Composters  *Rain Barrels  *Tree Sales  *Deer Repellant 
*Tree Mats  *Native Grasses  *Fish Sales



SWCD Items For Sale



1 quart - Pre Mixed Spray Bottle - $18.00
5 liters - Pre Mixed Jug - $40.00
1 pound - Concentrated soluble powder - $22.00
1 pound granular shaker - $10.00 (not pictured)

Havahart - Deer Away

Sale Price - $15.00

Tree Supplies

60" White Miracle Tubes 0-50pcs - $3.35
60" White Miracle Tubes 50pcs and over - $3.00 each

Oak Stake 48" - $1.75 each
Oak Stake 60 - $2.10 each
24" Yellow Mesh Shelter - $0.45
36" Yellow Mesh Shelter - $0.60
Bamboo Stake - $0.15
Orange Marking Flags - $.15/each or $10.00 for 100

Wood Duck House - see our home page for info on duck houses.

Finder Books

$3.50 / each

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